Sindh Police

Sindh Police

Digital Revolution in Sindh Police, advanced CRM system for Emergency Response Centre and Mobile Apps for Citizens & Police Officials.

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Sindh Police


Karachi, being a city of 200 million people, have enormous issues regarding police security service and response time. People had to contact emergency center and inform them about their complain and also guide about the location to the security personnel, which ultimately took longer than needed.

General complains were also not fully resolved due to excess load on Police Stations, specially in densely populated areas.


We develop advanced Complain Dispatch Management Software, Citizen Emergency Mobile App and Tablet App for Police Officials, which were installed in Police Patrol Vehicles.

It created a digital network of sending emergency complaints to the nearest available Police Patrol Vehicles and general complains to the concerned area police department.


The real challenge was to develop a solution which can be easily implemented in existing infrastructure and also have user friendly interfaces to create a digital connection between general public and police department.

Moreover, it was understood security personnel are not so tech-savvy and we had to align it with their flow of operations, which was our main point of concern.


Our main objective was to provide a competent and efficient system where citizens can easily contact Karachi Police Emergency Service, submit general complains and Police can provide instant response on real time basis.

Through this digital transformation, Police Officers and concerned department may take suitable action to help. It will work as an online platform between the citizens of Karachi & City Police Department.

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We can say with confidence that SWA is a great company to be associated with as the team at SWA is always responsive to our problems and always willing to complete every job at the right time and in the most correct way possible. They have been reliable and intelligent in their approach. We went through the process of interviewing multiple firms to renovate our existing website, the logo of our website and other functionalities in it but we are proud to say that SWA was the clear-cut choice.

maqsood ahmed
Maqsood Ahmed
Founder 15-Madadgar


We were adjusting the team’s size according to our client’s needs

Sindh Police

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Mobile App Developers


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