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Shahroz Bakht

7 Things Companies look in Hiring Developers

As new businesses start opening and are on a gradual increase day by day, so are the number of developers increasing. Considering this, companies that have been well established and value quality for their products and value the pay structure focus a lot in their recruitment process.

Following points are important if you are at the beginning of your career, it will help you in interviews.

1. Agile Development

Agile Development refers to an approach that is taken in the processes of software development, the main motive of this approach is to aid development teams in responding to the unpredictability of the processes of software development. The Agile process uses incremental, iterative work sequences, commonly known as sprints.

2. Testing

Whenever a project is developed, error occurrence is the part and parcel of the deal although the source of these errors and the reasons for them vary.

Testing is performed well before presenting the product to the customer in order to free any crash that may occur in the development process. Testing is also performed to reduce rework and hefty costs of development and to save time and money.

3. Problem-solving

An ability that is extremely helpful in optimizing code and makes the lives of programmers easier, that is problem solving. When you have problem solving skills, you can identify problems very easily and have an insight as to why they happen and plan to fix them.

Problem solving skills is applied to future events. Problem solving is used to enable current action to influence the probability of a future event occurring — or changing the impact of the event.

Problem-solving helps us understand relationships and implement the changes and improvements needed to compete and survive in an ever-changing environment.

4. Teamwork

Teamwork is a skill that make team members work on different projects with a bond as to eliminate all mistakes and learn from one another. It boosts the motivation level of all the team members and enhances interpersonal communication.

It is essential for all the team leaders to be respectful to the ideas of the team, lead from the front and be open to all opinions.

It is important to regularly participate in meetings and organizations and to take part in brainstorming sessions and problem-solving tasks and to fulfill duties and responsibilities.

Companies always need highly motivated people, so projects will not be a problem either.

5. Keep Learning

Learning can be carried out at any and every age and everyone can improve their skills at every moment. Developers can learn from everything that they witness happening around themselves.

Companies that are looking to hire always inquire how a person adapts and learn different technologies and expand themselves.

6. Good Communication Skills

Coding is although the most primary factor in programming jobs but good communication is also an essential part.

Good programmers are good at communicating with the computer. Great programmers are good at communicating with people and the computer.

7. Past Experiences — Projects and Companies

The final thing that is looked on by recruiters is that it really matters how many programming languages you have worked with previous companies and their projects and that is a huge factor in your resume’ that can determine if you are suitable for the job or not.

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