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Shahroz Bakht

Supercharge Mobile Games Business with Firebase

With the rise of smartphones, gamers can now play games anywhere, anytime. With this evolution, players now demand games with an intriguing storyline that runs smoothly regardless of their devices. This easy access to entertainment has also risen the bar for gaming companies.

Firebase provides the right tools to game developers for many years to build, release and operate incredible games for their users. Firebase has more than 2.5 million game developers that deal with different scenarios daily and firebase provide the proper tool and insight to cope up with all.

Optimizing gaming experience and monetization with data:

Personalizing the game experience to suits the player’s behavior and preferences adds to the better experience and also helps players in understanding how to interact with the game. Firebase offers robust integration with Google Analytics that tells about the players and how they engage with the games by providing insight into in-app events and user properties. Firebase Google Analytics integration enables to segment and by using these custom audiences. Users can filter reports to understand how different players engage with the game and identify a pattern of behavior within the audience. This information can be used to send targeted notifications, and personalize the game behavior according to the player's preference.

Communication with players in local language and time zone using push notification:

Push notifications allow communication between a game company and its player. It can be used for everything from reminders to the latest update. These are vital re-engagement strategies. Firebase cloud messaging lets game developers send targeted messages and notifications, customize according to player preferences like their local language and suitable time, by targeting the game versions, geographies, custom audience, and many more variables. It also keeps you updated about push notifications status.

Finding the best ad format and how frequently to show them:

It is entirely up to the gamer to invest money in the games or prefer ads in exchange for gameplay. Usually, many games follow a hybrid monetization strategy. High views on ads will have greater revenue but, there are many different factors to consider. Once the format is selected monitoring its frequency and checking its impact is also very important. All these concerns can be answered quantitatively by Firebase A/B. It is used with firebase remote config to experiment to find the best option.

New game features, run LiveOps, and dynamically update game parameters:

Experimenting with new content in games is essential to keep gamers engaged, but releasing new features to games can be very nerve-wracking for any game studio. Firebase remote config lets dynamically configure the game and lets you roll out a new feature for your game. So you can deliver a highly personalized experience to the players without publishing an app update to check how the update performs before its release.


Firebase is a super helpful platform for all the game companies out there. It not only wants to enhance but also optimize the gaming experience, along with improving their engagement and monetization.

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