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Shahroz Bakht

What makes a Mobile App Terrific?

Customized Experiences

The first thing to do is to round out the audience and target who you think is your app’s audience, for this purpose you can include potential information about various factors of the users like hobbies, age, occupation, and marital status. When you make a user’s profile with these parameters will assist in incorporating features in your app that would be entertaining and appealing to your audience.

There is an obvious difference in people’s interest all around a globe so do not assume that you are going to target the entire world for a specific app because that is logically impossible, so it is paramount that you have selected your target audience before proceeding to developing the app.

Flawless Design

When you have been lazy at developing an app, the design usually reveals all the details at the first look and the important thing about the design of the app is that most user will not care if the design of the app is not pleasing to them. On the other hand, an app with a smooth and polished design with details elaborated is considered an excellent app.

The app must be user-friendly; users should never be confused figuring out what part of the app does what. Developers need to put much effort into building a logical and easy user journey.

Fast and Reactive

According to research, an average mobile phone user does not wait more than 3 seconds for an app to load up. If a mobile app is not reactive enough to the user and loading speed is very long, the users eventually get less and less patient and move on. When you are developing your mobile app, making that app fast is a must to cater attention from users.

Entry to Offline Functionalities

Majority of applications in the world work with the assistance of internet and only a handful can be accessed without using the internet. The users tend to cling on the apps that provide some offline functionality. When a user is not online, it is important to preserve some features that works offline for them. Developers should keep this vision in mind when they are developing their mobile applications for users.

Many users tend to scroll through apps while feeling bored, eager to kill time, or having something important to do within an app.

Regular Updates

When an application reaches the play store, the job is not completed there. It is essential to keep checking the performance of the app when it is live, act on user suggestions and keep launching upgrades to the app that meets the needs of the users. The more effort you put in the maintenance of the app the more success it can achieve.

While monitoring the performance, do not bother the users with useless stuff. Building mobile apps that are updated automatically is your way to success. These updates will help to fix bugs.

Search Features

Whatever the nature of the app maybe, integrating a search bar is essential for the users to reach their targeted content instantly. Users find the app burdensome and a time waste that do not embed a search feature that makes their life easy.


Animation is a key feature that is dominating the world of mobile applications and will be in power in the foreseeable future because of the attraction it brings. The best apps maintain real-life experience with the help of an animation, making users interact with objects.

User Privacy and Security

Due to the advanced age, we live in, users are getting more and more concerned about privacy and security. Thus, it is the job of the developer to be very careful while sharing the personal information of their users with any third-party service. Users do not trust those applications and those application flop that do not take care of the sensitive information of their users.

with an excellent security level is written with a secure code, has all data encrypted, and uses only authorized APIs.

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