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Shahroz Bakht

Firebase Experimental Extension

Isn’t it amazing to add new functionality to your app just with a click of a button? Firebase extensions provide you with prepackaged solutions for your problems that you can easily add to your app. Firebase extensions are based on firebase and google cloud products that you already know and use.

On the firebase extension page, there are collections of official extensions for features that developers ask for regularly such as resizing images, translating text, and many others. That has been build and tested by the Firebase team. Firebase has also teamed up with partners like stripes to bring your extension for processing payments and sending invoices.

Firebase experimental extension:

Firebase has come up with a new feature of experimental extension to get feedback from its users and to better understand which use cases and extension features their users are more interested in.

These extensions haven’t yet gone through the testing and polish as the official published extension, but they are a fully functional extension that our users can use.

The purpose of developing the following extension is for feedbacks from the community.

  • Shortening links using firebase dynamic links
  • To Perform sentiment analysis on text in Firestore documents
  • Adding custom claims to firebase Auth users
  • Schedule writes to firestore documents
  • And many more others coming soon

In order to install these experimental extensions first, navigate to the extension’s README file in the firebase experimental extensions repo on GitHub, then click the install on firebase button. This will take you to the firebase console, where users can then select the project they would like to install the extension in.

These can also be installed via the command line. For that, you first have to install the firebase command-line tools, then run the command given below:

$ firebase ext: install firestore-shorten-urls-dynamic-links - -projects= (your project ID)

By applying this command, it will install that shortens URLs with dynamic Links experimental extension in your project.

We love to hear feedback from our users because we strongly believe in elevating our user’s experience. Use the GitHub issue trackers of the experimental extensions to leave feedback. We look forward to seeing what you build using this new feature of Firebase.

You may also submit PRs to improve an experimental extension. For that, you will need to access the extension authority tools.

Community extension:

By using the Firebase extensions, you can build and also share your extension. To do so, you will have to be an extension publisher to share your extension with other developers.

  • To register as a publisher join the Firebase Alpha program.
  • Show your interest in building community extension in the comment field.
  • Then, publish your extensions under your publisher ID.

For now, Community extensions can only be shared among members of the Firebase Alpha program. Extension code will be live in Firebase so other alpha members can install directly from the command line.

Firebase is thrilled to share these new kinds of extensions with you, and we love to hear your feedback on them.

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