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Shahroz Bakht

How to distinguish yourself as the best developer

How to be the difference maker among thousands of web developers in the industry? How can you separate yourself from the pack and how do you gain an advantage over the other developers? Here we discuss some key points that helps you in understanding this.

1. Develop Into a Full-Stack Developer

Choosing to be a full stack developer is probably one of the most important quality that nay developer can posses because it means that you essentially understand the full stack. Beginner programmers should understand that it is very good if you have skills on many platforms, but it is paramount that you should be a master of at least one.

2. Focus on Being the Best at One Thing

When a developer starts out in the industry, it is important he/she selects a field that contains a lot of opportunities and the platform that he/she can adapt to fairly quickly. It could be one of the frontend libraries/frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue. These technologies are pretty easy to adapt to in the first try but it requires a significant amount of time investment to become a master in them. A developer can write a React code in six months, but they will still be far from an actual expert.

3. Look for an Industry Standard

A highly marketable trait in the industry which can also be compared to search engine optimization can be called as an industry standard. Veteran developers did not have to worry about this field because it was not such a norm back then but now in this day and age when everything is constantly changing, every company wants to gain an advantage in attracting organic search traffic. It costs a ton of money to drive traffic to your product.

4. Back-end specialization

When we talk about the back end we talk about the server-side stack which is like Node.js and the likes of Django, C#,, etc. If that is something that attracts you, you will be extra valuable when you contain experience in multiple platforms and multiple environments.

5. Consider Databases

A developer can be the best full-stack developer and contain knowledge of database migrations and object relational mappers or possibly contain knowledge about SQL or no-SQL database. But in order to progress in any software company, you will require real database expertise to develop any project that can prove to be successful and companies know that. This is a field that you can be an expert in if you dedicate yourself to it.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity seems to growing exponentially as time keeps passing and more and more people ae talking about it and more and more people are getting affected by the threat of being hacked. Cybersecurity is everywhere, not just in things like your home security system or someone sending you malware through email. It is found especially more in web development and can be found in those applications that oriented around user data.

7. Graphic Skills

Gone are the days when we used to think that design was something that any kid with a computer can do. Now designing an attractive interface for any application is not a walk in the park, and for that, a graphics designer needs to have a solid skillset and a creative mindset because not everyone can come up with a concept and a strategy overnight.

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