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Shahroz Bakht

Mobile App Development: Choosing between Native, Web and Cross-platform

The main thing, which is required to develop your own product, is an outstanding idea. Next thing is to decide the best mobile development approach for the specific application. Anyone can easily get lost in the questions like which approach would be best for this purpose. Native, cross-platform or Web?

Your choice can affect your business’s outcome. Therefore, it is always good to take advice from mobile development agencies. In this article, we will discuss about the different development platforms available out there and which approach can serve best for your needs.

Mobile Development Market Overview:

Applications have become a part of our daily life. Even if you are placing an order, booking a ride, you choose the best app among all to fulfil your purposes. Multiples of “apps and app stores” are providing services to the companies and adding value to the businesses. However, there is always a chance to improve these services by adding a new feature, a new customer friendly interface, and a new technology, which can replace the existing apps if the target audience likes it. People spend a lot of time using the mobile, if you want to increase popularity and sales of your product then mobile apps can be of great use. Mobile development requires the hard working and the number of professionals. Some of the great features in an app would be:

Personalized Experiences

Firstly, identify the target audience for your app. Make a complete profile of your target audience including their age, marital status, hobbies etc. You can target the whole world; it would result in the zero outcome.

Impeccable Design

The app’s interface should be appealing. It should be user friendly so that people can easily understand each feature of the app

Fast and Responsive

The application should not take loading time more than 3 seconds. It should be responsive so that it can be used on any device without any difficulty.

Regular Updates

Keep monitoring your app, listen to the queries of the customers, and try to solve them by releasing new updates as soon as possible. Remember; do not bother the users by the new changes. Keep the auto-updated concept in your app and show the relevant and useful data only.


Include animations in your app that will provide users with real-life experiences and enhance the interactivity of your app.

User Privacy and Security

Keep the user’s data secure and protected from the frauds. Do not let their personal information leaked out; it can affect your reputation that will result in reduction of your app’s users.

Right Development Strategy?

How to make portable applications effective, fruitful, and ideal? The way to make such an application lies in the procedure you decide to create. The most moving applications are simple, and have eye-satisfying UI. Let us look to the important points prior to application development.


Most importantly, you need to choose which application execution you are endeavoring to reach, and therefore, figure out what sort of application you need to develop. Set your goals clearly and then start development.


Perhaps the most profound entanglement you need to try not to accept is that some versatile application stage is simpler or the best. Actually every one of them has its own quirks. You'll profit by it just for the situation you appropriately disseminate and put together the assets you have.

Development Time and Reusability of Code

Reduce the development time as much as possible and be the first to launch the product in the market. Cross-stage platforms permit shortening the improvement time because of the reusable code.

Cross-Platform App Development

As you can comprehend, this sort of use can be utilized on different platforms, and you don't have to compose codebase for every one of them. For cross-platform applications, you make a solitary codebase that chips away at numerous stages paying little mind to the OS you pick, regardless of whether it's Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Some great advantages of using cross-platform development are their code can be reused that saves pretty much time as well as cost so they have reusable clouds which make them time effective and cost effective too. Whereas they lack the native modules and 3D support.

Some of the well-known tools for cross platform app development are react-Native and Flutter.

Web Mobile App Development

Web Mobile apps are like websites that have a narrow focus that contains concise information. It runs in a browser and the front-end is built up using Javascript and HTML. It’s usually simple in development because of HTML and Javascript so it has low development time and cost too. As it runs in a browser so it can be run in any device which has the internet connection. React Django and Angular are some famous tools on which Web Mobile App can be developed.

Native App Development

Native Apps are those that are built for specific OS that allows developers to create great UI and have the best performance for the apps. But to run on android and iOS you need to make two different apps. Having two different code bases makes native app development much costlier and time consuming and you need more effort to maintain two different apps. To build Native apps for android JAVA is used where as for iOS Objective C comes into play.

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