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Shahroz Bakht

5 habits that developers must avoid at all costs

Developers are considered as technical, so non-developer consider them to make technical mistakes but here we discuss some bad habits that are not entirely technical, and the developer community seems to indulge in a lot.

Thinking “Tutorial Hell” Is Actually “Tutorial Heaven”

Developers tend to gather every single piece of information whether it is relevant to their work or not then they stake the step to actually start their project, any developer willing to start building something should just go ahead and start their solo project.

There are two phases to learning how to code:

  1. You gather information by reading and learning the key components of the coding process like compilation, testing etc.
  2. Another way is to keep trying to write a successful code but failing time and time again and repeating the same process until eventually you succeed, this process is called the “learn by doing” phase.

This phase of learning can be very difficult, especially the first process because a new developer might not have any prior knowledge or experience which can cause them to feel alone and lost without a proper platform and guidance on where to begin in the first place. The key is to start with baby steps, do not try and hit the jackpot application in your first try because normally that cannot happen, start with a simple application and build your way through obstacles and challenges.

There is no shame in Asking for help

You are not an island.

Anyone that tis building a project on their own, it is never expected from them to solve every single error by themselves and trying to go for it on their own will not produce efficient results and would take loads of time to finish

There is no shame in asking others and inquiring for their help in learning how to code and through their experience, you can be a better programmer.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is actually the smart move because if you are working on building something meaningful, you would need help from experts in the same area to learn something meaningful and by asking for help you are arriving at your destination in less time.

Giving Up

Sometimes you might end up feeling that the solution o=for the problem you are stuck on cannot be found, that is not correct.

All problems in programming can be solved by coding by just attaining the right number of resources and ample time. A developer must not give up even though how hard it may seem to find the solution for their problem, with a little research and dedication time, they can succeed.

Working Hours upon Hours

Coding can be a fun thing to do, especially when you are doing an interesting project and work does not seems like work. But as in all cases, there is more to life than just coding and if you spend hours upon hours of coding, you will eventually miss out on all the other fun stuff in your life and then afterwards regret on it.

Friends, family, relationships, even hobbies are all very important in comparison to coding.

Forgetting One’s Health

Programming is a very sedentary activity, and our bodies were not built to stay still in a sitting position for so many hours so staying healthy and taking care of your bodies needs to be a primary motive for every developer and they should never let go of themselves indulged in coding.

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